• The metal trading specialist

    History of Lingot Swiss

    Since 2015, Lingot Swiss brings its expertise in the field of physical investments. We support you in securing your wealth by offering solutions to optimize and tangibilize your financial assets.

    With our ingot and investment jewels, its easily to convert financials into physical commodities.

  • A company specialized in raw metal ingots like copper, lead and zinc

    The metalworking specialist

    As a specialist, we give our clients real added value:

    • Manufacturing is totally controlled
    • Communication is direct, without go-betweens
    • We are reactive to respond to your special requirements
    • Delivery period is optimized
  • For more information about ours product or our company, please contact us directly:
  • Private communication Signal Messenger
  • Secure email ProtonMail
Our engagements
  • Privacy policy

    All information you send us will be kept highly confidential.

    Data is neither sold nor leased nor passed on for the use of others.

  • Quality and certification

    We provide metal certificates for each order. These are are in accordance with the Swiss legislation and guarantee information reliability and raw metal traceability.

  • Security of payments

    We accept bank transfers SWIFT or SEPA.

    For a faster and more secure process, we actively encourage our customers to use cryptocurrency

  • Delivery

    Delivery is made out of Switzerland. Most of countries around the world are served (UE, USA, Russia, HK...)

    For special deliveries, the company may pass on the risk to the customer.

  • Communications security

    For calls and messages, we use Signal encrypted app available on Android and iOS.

    For emails, we use ProtonMail Web Services. It is well known for its commitment to data and privacy protection.