This guide is developed by Lingot Swiss, learn how to use Bitcoin and other digital currencies

to simply make payment for your orders.


Before you begin, we strongly encourage you to read about it:

For this we recommend two reference books:


1- Mastering Bitcoin written by Andreas Antonopoulos


2- the book of Saifedean Ammous: The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking




Why use Bitcoin to pay?




The benefits of Bitcoin payment

      Fast                                        Secured                         Free and decentralized              Easy to use



More than a tool, we consider it as a means of payment adjusted for the 21st century commerce.



« Code is Law »

By promoting this method of payment we hope to encourage our customers to use BITCOIN because it is the most independent, decentralized and libertarian payment protocol on the internet. Above all, it avoids the influence of political and religious authorities.





If you not yet familiar with Bitcoin and the world of crypto-currencies, there are some things you need to know.

Bitcoin allows you to exchange money in a different way. It is important to take the time to inform yourself before using Bitcoin for important transactions. Bitcoin should be treated with the same care as your usual wallet!

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To find out more, we invite you to consult these reference sites:





What is Bitcoin?



A) The operation of the bitcoin protocol:


Bitcoin is a digital currency which, in many ways, differs with conventional fiat money (FIAT).

It is a cryptocurrency as it is based on a very high-level cryptographic protocol. The code is in open source, meaning it is open and editable by the community. To secure its network and guarantee its integrity, bitcoin is based on blockchain technology. This blockchain is a registry that lists all bitcoin transactions. It is a very scalable database.

Thanks to computer programs called "explorers", each user can consult and analyze this database. Although all the transactions made on the network are searchable, it is impossible to modify them.

To guarantee the blockchain’s integrity, Bitcoin has set up a compensation system for people putting their computing power to the network’s disposal.




The worldwide Bitcoin community


      More than 30 million



    Large number

    of e-commerce sites


    More than 15,000

    businesses that accept Bitcoin directly (list)





B) Is Bitcoin a currency?


According to Aristotle’s definition, , a currency must fulfill three functions: serve as a unit of account, a store of value. For many specialists, Bitcoin is a currency


Unit of account: Bitcoin makes it possible to estimate the value of the products of consumption. It is divisible and allows fluidity of trade.


Value reserve: Bitcoin is a savings product. Like the Euro, the Swiss Franc or the Dollar it allows the investment or the creation of company.


Intermediate exchanges: Bitcoins can be exchanged, sold or stored easily. More than 15,000 physical stores accept it all over the world.






C) Technical characteristics of Bitcoin


  • Bitcoin is a borderless payment system that can be used by anyone with access to a computer.


  • Bitcoins are issued and secured independently, without the intervention of an authority. This currency is not regulated by any institution, company, or bank that can influence its monetary policy. Bitcoin allows financial freedom without restrictions. No authority can block or freeze a transaction.


  • The number of bitcoin is limited to 21 million, which prevents any risk of devaluation or excessive inflation.


  • Bitcoins are available at any time. Transactions are very fast and irreversible. You will have to pay a few cents for the transaction fees.


  • Each bitcoin is divisible up to 8 decimal places. It is possible to trade a very small amount (0.01cts).


  • The Bitcoin payment network is tamper-proof. Since 2009, the date of its creation, no hacker has managed to compromise the technology. Rumors of hacking, relayed by the mass media, are actually the result of mishandling of users.





2. How to buy, store and pay with Bitcoin



A) Our recommendations


The rules for using Bitcoin are the same as for using classic money. You must be careful with your portfolio and not communicate sensitive data to third parties!

---- > For maximum user comfort, it is advisable to use a computer rather than a smartphone or tablet.




B) Choose your Bitcoin wallet


Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies can be stored and exchanged from software


There is software for all types of support: computer / tablet or smartphone.

Wallets are generally open source and free.

A detailed list of the best crypto wallet is available in another article

It is possible to store its Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency:




On an exchange platform

Coinbase (USA), Kraken (USA)





On USB sticks

Ledger (France) or Trezor (USA)





On a computer or smartphone

through software (wallet)






On paper using

specialized software



Installation is quite simple. If the software offers it, for instance with Electrum, we recommend you use Segwit addresses.

Most wallets offer a recovery phrase (called seed or backup). It is a sequence of English words (usually 13 words), allowing you to restore your wallet in case of problems on your computer or loss of your password.

Write down these words in order on paper and keep it safe, for example in a safe. Once the installation is complete your wallet is ready to receive your first bitcoins!




C) Buy bitcoins

There are several methods to buy your bitcoins:






By Credit Card
on Coinbase or Binance







By Bank Transfer
on Bity, Paynium ou Changelly







By Cash with Bitcoin distributors and exchange platforms for individuals such as

Localbitcoin AND Bitcoin ATM Radars (for Switzerland, USA and Belgium mainly)




D) Pay your order on with Bitcoin


Once your bitcoins in your wallet, you are free to spend them as you please.Buy bullion with bitcoin

Our ingots of raw metals and investment jewels can be purchased with bitcoins as follows:


  1. Complete the quote with the products who you want to buy and specify your budget in the box provided for this purpose.


2. You will then receive an adjusted offer, designed by our experts. If everything suits you, you can generate the payment at the bitcoin address indicated on the offer.


3. Contact us directly to notify us of the transfer.



After 10 minutes, once the first validation on the network made, you will receive an e-mail from us to confirm receipt of payment.
No need for authorization from your bank, no risk of refusal of execution of transfer, or excessive fees.

With good practices, Bitcoin allows simple and secure payments. And this, all over the world!


You can request a quote for bullion or investment jewelry

directly via our email address: