• Copper Bullion

    Composition: 100% Copper CUA1
    Standard Ingots: 500g / 1KG / 5KG

    Copper is a highly sought-after metal because of its many properties: electrical conductivity / resistance to corrosion. It is one of the pillars of modern industry (Electricity, Electronics, building ...). Considered a strategic metal, it is used in some cases as a safe haven.

  • Lead Bullion

    Composition: 100% Lead 1063N
    Standard Bars: 1KG / 5KG.

    Ideal for making ammunition for hunting or fishing. Lead is a metal that is used in many industrial applications. It has highly sought-after properties: it is malleable and ductile with a low melting point and can be used for protection against radio waves and especially radioactive waves.

  • Zinc Bullion

    Composition: 99.9% Zinc ZN
    Standard Format: 1KG

    Zinc is a central metal in modern industry. It is mainly used in the galvanization of steels and in the chemical industry. Its rarefaction places it in the categories of "strategic" metals

Buy bullions of industrial raw materials

We offer several types of raw and precious metals: Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc.
These physical assets have inherent features that make them indispensable in modern industries. These properties guarantee the conservation of value over time.

We offer metals in several standard formats but also in taylored deliverables for special requests.

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