• Copper Bullion 1KG
    Copper Bullion 1KG
    Ref. IGCOP-01-966

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Composition: 100% Copper CUA1
Copper information


Copper is a strategic metal. It is a key element used in traditional industries (building construction, electrical, thermal industry) as well as in the tech industry (smartphones, appliances). Because of its ductility and corrosion invulnerability, it is used in many areas.

Since antiquity, this metal was used for trade. The ratio Gold / Silver / Copper allows the exchange thanks to a subdivision of values. Because of this, many people compare its function to gold. A reserve of unalterable value. Today the copper consumption is exponential. It is a depleted metal: like tin or zinc, copper mines have only a few decades before exhaustion. One thus easily perceives the potential.

Estimated reserve: 30 years


Copper properties

  • Electrical conductivity
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Corrosion proof
  • Antibacterial

Copper price trend

Copper price
+33% en 15 years
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